June 1-30, 2005  

"WindsockCURRENTS" was a project of ecoartspace created for the United Nations World Environment Day 2005 in cooperation with the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco. The collaborative ecological public artwork at Crissy Field in the Presidio was created by artist R.T. Livingston and performed by dance group Red Dive to underscore the power of wind as a readily available, sustainable energy source. On June 1, Livingston strategically placed 16 re-engineered International-Orange commercial airport windsocks, metaphorically reviving the historic landing strip, once San Francisco's first line of defense. On June 4, for Urban Power Day, Red Dive performed in bright orange construction jumpsuits guiding visitors through the windsock installation while exploring unexpected physical relationships, taking visual cues from the direction of the wind. The installation was proposed by ecoartspace to the GGNRA as a 30-day event on Crissy Field. An event permit application was submitted along with a small fee of $85. The artist rented an auger to create three foot deep holes, which she filled with sand to hold the poles in place. The holes were filled with sand and gravel after they were removed.